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Fully Funded Scholarship Programs in the USA: No Tuition, Stipend Included

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Fully Funded Scholarship Programs in the USA: No Tuition, Stipend Included

Fully Funded Scholarship Programs in the USA: No Tuition, Stipend Included

The thought of paying for college can be daunting, but what if there were scholarships that covered your tuition and living expenses? Believe it or not, fully funded scholarship programs do exist in the USA. In this article, we’ll dish out the deets on these coveted scholarships – what they cover, how to find them, and examples of programs you need to know about. Stick with us, because this info could help you earn a degree without going into debt. We’ll give you tips tailored to your background and interests to uncover opportunities. Get ready to learn about scholarships that make college 100% paid for!

What Are Fully Funded Scholarships?

Fully funded scholarships cover all your major costs – tuition, fees, room, board, and sometimes even travel. These highly competitive scholarships are offered by colleges, private foundations, and government agencies. They’re the holy grail of college scholarships because you earn a degree without debt.

College-Sponsored Merit Scholarships

Many top colleges offer merit scholarships for exceptional students. These cover full or partial tuition for 4 years. To qualify, you typically need a minimum GPA and test scores. Some also consider extracurriculars and community service. Examples are Harvard’s National Scholarship, Duke’s Karsh International Scholarship, and Vanderbilt’s Ingram Scholarship.

Private Foundation Scholarships

Private groups offer scholarships to advance their mission. Many target underserved groups. These include the Gates Millennium Scholars Program, the Ron Brown Scholar Program, and the Coca-Cola Scholars Program. They cover tuition, fees, room and board for 4 years at any accredited college. Selection is based on GPA, test scores, essays, community service, and leadership.

Government Scholarships

The U.S. government funds scholarships to fill workforce needs, especially in healthcare, education, social work, and public service. Examples are the National Health Service Corps Scholarship, the TEACH Grant, and the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program. Recipients commit to working in high-need fields for a minimum period. In return, the government pays for college and may provide a living stipend.

To land a fully funded scholarship, start researching programs that match your talents and goals. Build a compelling application highlighting your achievements and the impact you want to make. While the process is rigorous, the reward of a debt-free degree and a career filled with purpose can be life-changing.

Benefits of Fully Funded Scholarship Programs

Tuition-Free Education

The biggest benefit of fully funded scholarships is that they cover your tuition fees entirely. Whether you’re studying at an undergraduate, master’s or PhD level, you won’t have to pay any tuition. For international students especially, this can save you tens of thousands of dollars per year.

Living Stipend

Many fully funded scholarships also provide you with a living stipend or allowance to help cover your living costs like accommodation, food, and transportation. While the amounts vary, it can be enough to live comfortably as a student without having to work on the side.

Valuable Experience

Fully funded scholarships often come with opportunities for internships, teaching or research assistantships and networking. These provide valuable work experience in your field of study, allow you to develop important skills, and help build your professional connections.

Career Opportunities

The additional experience and networking from fully funded scholarships can lead to career opportunities after graduation. You may be offered a permanent job at your host institution or receive strong recommendations for positions elsewhere. Fully funded master’s and PhD’s, in particular, often come with an expectation of employment in academia or research.

In summary, fully funded scholarships in the US offer life-changing opportunities for students. From reducing financial stress to gaining valuable experience, they provide benefits that extend well beyond your years of study. If you get the chance to apply for a fully funded program, take it. It could open doors you never imagined.

Popular Fully Funded Undergraduate Scholarships

The good news is that there are many fully funded undergraduate scholarships available for US citizens and international students to pursue a bachelor’s degree at little or no cost. Here are some of the most well-known options:

Fulbright Scholarship Program

The Fulbright Scholarship Program offers full funding for one academic year of study, research, or teaching assistantship experience abroad. It covers tuition, travel, living expenses, and health insurance. To be eligible, you must be a US citizen and have at least a bachelor’s degree. Fulbright seeks candidates who demonstrate leadership potential and a strong academic record.

Gates Cambridge Scholarship

The Gates Cambridge Scholarship provides full funding for graduate study at the University of Cambridge in the UK. The scholarship covers university and college fees, maintenance allowance, travel allowance, and a dissertation allowance. Applicants must have an outstanding academic record and intend to pursue a full-time residential course of study at Cambridge. Citizenship of any country other than the UK or EU is required.

Rhodes Scholarship

The Rhodes Scholarship is one of the oldest and most prestigious international fellowship programs. It provides full funding to pursue a degree or degrees at the University of Oxford in the UK. The scholarship includes university and college fees, living expenses, travel costs, and health insurance. Candidates must demonstrate strong character, outstanding intellect, and potential for leadership. Applicants must be citizens of select countries, including the US, Canada, and several others.

Other popular undergraduate scholarships include the Harry S. Truman Scholarship for those interested in public service, the Barry Goldwater Scholarship for students pursuing careers in math, science and engineering, and the Coca-Cola Scholars Program which awards 50 four-year scholarships of $20,000 each year to well-rounded students who demonstrate leadership and community service. With many fully funded opportunities available, the challenge is finding the right match for your interests and strengths. Do your research and apply to as many as you may be eligible for.

Top Fully Funded Master’s Degree Scholarships

Fulbright Foreign Student Program

The Fulbright Foreign Student Program provides fully funded scholarships for international students to pursue master’s degrees at US universities. It covers tuition, required fees, and health insurance for up to two years. You’ll need to apply through the Fulbright Commission in your home country, and selection is based on academic merit and potential for leadership. Over 4,000 foreign students receive Fulbright scholarships each year.

Schwarzman Scholars

The prestigious Schwarzman Scholars program provides a fully funded one-year master’s degree in Global Affairs at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China. The scholarship covers tuition and fees, room and board, travel to and from China, an in-country study tour, and personal stipend. Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree, a minimum 3.7 GPA, and demonstrate leadership potential. Only up to 200 Schwarzman Scholars are selected annually from around the world.

Gates Cambridge Scholarship

The Gates Cambridge Scholarship program provides full funding for graduate study at the University of Cambridge in the UK. The scholarship covers university and college fees, maintenance allowance, travel costs, and may include dissertation expenses. Applicants must have an outstanding academic record, demonstrate a clear vision for their future contribution to society, and have strong leadership potential. Around 95 scholars are selected each year from around 50 countries.

Chevening Scholarships

Chevening Scholarships provide full funding for one year of study for a master’s degree at any UK university. The scholarship includes university tuition fees, a monthly stipend, travel costs to and from the UK, and an arrival allowance. Applicants must have an undergraduate degree, at least two years of work experience, and demonstrate strong leadership qualities. Chevening Scholarships are awarded to around 1,500 students from over 160 countries each year.

These are some of the top fully funded master’s scholarships available for international students. With generous funding and the chance to study at a prestigious university, they are very competitive. But if you have a stellar application highlighting your academic achievements, leadership potential, and career ambitions, you have a strong chance of being selected for one of these life-changing opportunities.

Best Fully Funded MBA Programs in the USA

Harvard Business School

Harvard Business School offers a full-tuition fellowship for all students, including stipends for living expenses. It is one of the top MBA programs in the U.S. and the world. At Harvard, you’ll experience a case study approach to learning and work with leaders in business. The MBA program focuses on leadership, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

Stanford Graduate School of Business

Stanford GSB provides generous fellowship support for all admitted students. As one of the most prestigious business schools, Stanford offers an MBA program focused on leadership, critical thinking, and problem solving. The small class sizes and residential program allow for close interaction with professors and fellow students. Stanford has a strong focus on entrepreneurship and innovation.

Booth School of Business at The University of Chicago

The University of Chicago Booth School of Business offers substantial fellowship support, including full-tuition scholarships and stipends for all students. Booth is renowned for its academic rigor and research focus. The MBA curriculum concentrates on analytical thinking, leadership, and decision making. Booth has a flexible curriculum that allows you to customize your MBA experience.

Wharton School at The University of Pennsylvania

Wharton provides fellowship funds for all admitted MBA students, including full-tuition awards and stipends for living expenses. As one of the top business schools in the world, Wharton offers an MBA program grounded in analytics and focused on leadership and innovation. The Wharton MBA aims to develop business leaders and entrepreneurs with a global perspective. You can choose from over 20 areas of concentration and take classes across the University of Pennsylvania.

In summary, these top schools offer unparalleled MBA education opportunities with generous funding for all admitted students. The programs focus on developing leadership, critical thinking, innovation, and professional skills that will prepare you to thrive in today’s complex business world. While getting accepted into these elite schools is very competitive, the rewards of attending can be life-changing.

Fully Funded PhD Scholarships at American Universities

University Fellowships

Many top American universities offer prestigious fellowships for PhD students, covering full tuition and providing a stipend. For example, Stanford University has the Knight-Hennessy Scholars program which funds three years of graduate study across any discipline. Recipients get full tuition, healthcare benefits, and $28,000 stipend. Similarly, the Clare Boothe Luce Fellowships support women in STEM PhD programs with full funding for up to four years.

Discipline-Specific Scholarships

There are also fully funded PhD scholarships targeted at specific fields of study. The National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program funds graduate students in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. It covers up to three years of tuition and provides a $34,000 stipend yearly. The Ford Foundation Fellowship supports PhD students from underrepresented backgrounds in a wide range of disciplines within the arts and sciences. It offers predoctoral, dissertation and postdoctoral fellowships with tuition and stipends up to $45,000.

University Department Funding

Most universities also provide graduate funding through teaching assistantships, research assistantships, and fellowships in individual departments. For example, PhD students in the Department of Physics at Harvard University are typically supported for five years with full tuition coverage and stipends of $34,000 to $37,000. Students serve as teaching fellows and research assistants for two terms each year. Many of Harvard’s other departments provide similar funding for PhD students.

While PhD studies in the US can be expensive, there are many generous scholarship programs that make graduate degrees accessible regardless of a student’s financial means. With some persistent searching, you can find a program that suits your field of study and personal background. The hardest part may just be narrowing down your many enticing options!

Tips for Applying for Fully Funded Scholarships

Do your research

The key to applying for fully funded scholarships is finding programs you’re actually eligible for. Search online for scholarships targeting your demographic, field of study, or interests. Check the criteria carefully and make sure you meet all the qualifications before you apply. Some programs are very competitive, so apply for as many as you can that you’re a strong match for.

Build a strong application

Once you’ve found some good scholarship options, put together an application that will make you a top candidate. Focus on your grades, test scores, extracurricular activities, leadership experience, volunteer work, and career goals. Get help from your teachers or a guidance counselor if you need it.

Apply on time

Pay close attention to deadlines and apply as early as possible. Some scholarships operate on a first come, first served basis, especially those with limited spots. Give yourself plenty of time in case there are any issues with submitting your application or additional materials. Missing a deadline could automatically disqualify you from being considered.

Ask for letters of recommendation

For many large scholarships, you’ll need one or more letters of recommendation from your teachers, professors, or mentors who can speak to your abilities and potential. Ask them at least a month before the deadlines to give them enough time to thoughtfully craft the letters. Provide details about the scholarships you’re applying for so they know how best to support your applications.

Follow up

Don’t assume you’ll automatically hear back from the scholarship organizations. Send a quick email to confirm your application was received and reiterate your interest in the program. Politely check on the status of your application if you haven’t heard anything as the deadlines approach. And if you do receive an award, be sure to send a thank you note to the organization—it’s a courteous gesture that can help build goodwill for the future.

With some work on the front end researching and applying to the right scholarships, as well as diligently following through, you have a shot at scoring funding for your college education. Stay determined and don’t get discouraged. There are opportunities out there if you look for them!

Mistakes to Avoid When Seeking Full Funding

When applying for competitive full scholarships, avoid making foolish errors that could hurt your chances. Double check all materials before submitting and be meticulous in following directions.

Missing Deadlines

Pay close attention to deadlines and submit all required materials on time. Late or incomplete applications are often rejected outright. Give yourself plenty of buffer room in case of technical issues. It’s better to submit early rather than risk missing the deadline.

Poor Writing

Take time to carefully craft all written materials like essays, statements of purpose, resumes or CVs. Have others review and provide feedback. Typos, grammar mistakes or a lack of clarity can reflect poorly on your application.

Lack of Specificity

Tailor all materials to the specific program and organization. Mention the scholarship by name and speak directly to their mission and values. Generic essays used for multiple applications often appear insincere or haphazard. Do thorough research on the organization and include particulars that show your genuine interest.

Unrealistic Expectations

Understand the highly competitive nature of full funding programs. Not all excellent candidates will receive awards due to limited spots. Apply to a variety of options to increase your chances but don’t expect to get every scholarship you pursue. Maintain reasonable expectations to avoid disappointment and frustration.

Lack of Passion

The most compelling applications convey your authentic passion for the area of study or program. Share specific experiences that have shaped your interests and goals. Explain not just what you want to do but why that path is meaningful to you. Your enthusiasm and motivation should shine through in a genuine way. Lack of passion or purpose will be evident to reviewers.

Following these guidelines and avoiding common mistakes will strengthen your application and optimize your chances of securing full funding for college. Do your best, expect the unexpected, and keep an open and optimistic frame of mind. With hard work and persistence, you can achieve your academic dreams!


So there you have it – a rundown of some of the best fully funded scholarships available in the US that cover your tuition and provide a stipend. Whether you’re looking for funding based on financial need, minority status, specific field of study, or something else, there are amazing options out there if you’re willing to put in the time to find and apply for them. Competition may be stiff, but the payoff is more than worth it. Avoid paying insane tuition or taking on mounds of student loan debt by getting one of these full rides. You can do it if you start researching and applying early. The hardest part is taking that first step to find the right scholarships that fit you. But once you do, you’ll be on the path to graduating debt-free. Now get out there and go get that free money – you’ve got this!

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